Monday, November 24, 2008

Purpose of the Market (11/24/08)

We've been living in a fantasy land about markets. This fantasy land of markets and irresponsible government has been showing that the only things that move with unlimited growth are cancers that devour the hosts. With all the jobs vaporizing along with retirements and the American Dream of home ownership we are realizing that democracy was replaced by corporatocracy right before our eyes.

Markets are there to create our common wealth. Markets should serve democracy and the people - not the other way around. Strong unions and worker's rights supported by an open democratic society will provide a win-win for all involved.

Markets should be part of making people free. That' what the vast majority of people want - FREEDOM! Freedom from want, freedom from harm, freedom from fear. We want freedom to meet our needs and fulfill our dreams.

The market is there to serve the common good. It is not to make us all slaves to a corporatocracy created by irresponsible government that has given away its responsibility to protect and serve all. Markets and government are there to serve us and democracy!

Everyone who works deserves to earn a decent living. Everyone who works deserves to be free from want. Everyone deserves freedom from illness, harm, bigotry and fear.

The natural world deserves preserving and protecting. It is the heritage that we will pass on to future generations. The market needs to support that as well.

It is our responsibility to ensure that government works to allow the markets to succeed in serving the common good. The common wealth belongs to all of us. Those who benefit most from the common wealth need to pay their fair share! No more tax giveaways!

We can move toward a market that serves the common good and not giving it away to the rich by organizing, voting our values and holding government accountable!!!

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Aurea said...

The government should have bailed out the poor population of this country, not the rich. If there is that much money to give to banks, there should be enough money for every single human being in this country to have their basic necessities without having to work two jobs.