Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greens Not a Qualified Party

In solidarity with a party that has worked hard to become fully qualified in the state we wanted to let people know that unfortunately in NM the Greens are not a Qualified Party at this time.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Labor at the Movies

Presented by the Albuquerque IWW.

3 short movies about current Labor Organizing and a song that changed the world
7 pm Thursday April 30th, 2009
@ The Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center

MORE INFO or 331-6132

Friday, April 17, 2009

May Day Information

May 1, 1886, became historic. On that day thousands of workers in the larger industrial cities poured into the streets, demanding eight hours. About 340,000 took part in demonstrations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other places. Of these nearly 200,000 actually went out on strike. About 42,000 won the eight-hour day. Another 150,000 got a shorter day than they had had before.

* * *

International Workers' Day was founded for the struggle for something we take for granted - the 8 hour work day. Back in 1884 a general strike was called for May 1, 1886. This work was done by groups of workers in the US and included a large number of immigrant workers. Moderate labor organizers worked with the bosses and had the first monday in September declared "Labor Day" in order to seperate themselves from those who fought for the 8 hour day, women's equality, equality for immigrants, and other ideas.

So as history has it - May 1 as a labor day started in the US by a diverse group of men and women from many countries - immigrants - is recognized around the world except here.

A friend from Mexico pointed out that red and black are "strike" colors. For those who died for me to have an 8 hour work day, weekends, and so much more wear red and black on International Workers' Day. Respect the calls for peace that the organizers of the event in Albuquerque and still honor those who have fought and died for workers' rights in all countries.

Thanks to all who have organized for Primero de Mayo now and in the past!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Lessons

Well there was lots of glowing coverage of the Tea Party protests. The lesson learned is that there needs to be a counter balance to the extremist right wing. If the only people out in the streets are these tea baggers, then very possibly the Democratic party will continue its slide to the right in order to court votes.

This will lead to more things in Albuquerque like the public schools cheese sandwhiches. A short video is available on Good Morning America. Go here and if it is not on the front page search "School Lunch Shame." The tea baggers think that it is OK to give kids this "food" because their parents are having a hard time paying for lunch, it is OK to underpay educational assistants, and overpay administration!

May Day is coming - let's get a BIG turnout and show some real power!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seriously Tea Bagging?

I can't believe how much unquestioning coverage News 4 gave to the Tax Day protest.

Here are some links to learn more about this issue...
Rachel Maddow on Tax Protest.

Veterans Upset about Teabagging at Veteran's Memorial.

Teabaggers out of Sync with Real People.

and one final

Tea Baggers' Strange Brew.

In a country with one of the lowest tax rates for people to be complaining about being overtaxed is very laughable. Unfortunately it is expected.

Join the Party Party (4/14/09)

Saturday, April 18 at 5:30 pm1028 Ann St. SW apt. 5

Join the Party Parties are house meetings set with the intention of giving new people a sense about La Raza Unida Party and the work we are doing. We are currently building some good voter registration through these events.

Quotes from Spoiling for a Fight 1

"Though most people commonly think of parties as national organizations, nearly all party building happens at the state and local levels. ...

Third parties succeed when people get elected under that party's banner or the party's candidate gets enough votes to affect the larger political debate and change people's political awareness. A third, more subjective measure of success is when a third party shows that it is not a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon but actually builds an enduring organization that is self-supporting and growing. ...

The idea of "bearing witness" against a corrupt and seemingly impenetrable political system can be noble. But it is usually not very political in the sense of actually affecting the direction of the country. That requires a willingness to engage in dialogue with real voters, not just true believers, no matter how hard that may be. So one critical element of third-party growth is whether the party's activists are outward focused (on winning elections or moving issues) or inward focused (on often irrelevant organizational or ideological battles). ..."

- From Spoiling for a Fight

This seems to point at the tough work of building a real base is the key work. Registering voters, developing volunteers, donors, and leaders. In essence we need activists - volunteer at first and eventually paid - who do the nuts-and-bolts of building the party, supporting candidates, and getting the word out.

Lots of working-class and poor people know that the current set up isn't helpful to them. They are blown off as apathetic, but knowing you are locked out is not apathy. So what to do?

Build options! Large numbers of people are interested in alternatives. Many people support aid to poor families, eliminating corporate welfare, reductions in military spending, universal health care, poison free communities, better labor conditions, healthy energy systems, healthy food, and many more progressive issues that come down to working people having real power.

So get out there and register someone!

More on Marriage Equality

Well Vermont and Iowa have done some great work for Marriage Equality. Congratulations!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Here may be some polls to watch. Apparently partisan voters affiliated with the corporate parties is decreasing. And also people aren't as pro-capitalist as we may have thought.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peoples' Rights

Every human being has the right to be with who they love. Whether a man love a woman, a man love a man, or a woman love a woman. We are all human and deserve that. We also all deserve to have the same legal rights when being recognized as partners by law. Married couples have certain rights that same-sex couples are entitled to as well. Hopefully soon we'll stop being so homophobic and grant same-sex couples to have the rights they are entitled to.

Another chance
to fight for this might come up in the special session. Gov. Richardson said that domestic partnerships could be on the agenda.

Global Labor Strategies Blog post

Global Labor's Forgotten Plan to Fight the Great Depression.

In the early 1930s, as global unemployment tripled in two years and the world plunged into the Great Depression, the world’s labor movements developed a program for fighting the global crisis through international public works. It’s a little-known historical might-have-been that could have helped halt the Great Depression, the rise of Adolph Hitler, and the Second World War. And, as the efforts of world leaders to address today’s “Great Recession” threaten to break down in nationalist rivalry and petty political bickering, it bears lessons – and perhaps an alternative vision – for today.

Workers and organized labor have historically advocated government public works as a solution to unemployment. Not only would they provide jobs and income for those directly employed, but they would raise overall purchasing power, thereby creating demand for the products of other workers and creating a virtuous circle of economic growth. In the context of swelling unemployment in the early Depression, discussion of national public works programs developed in many countries.

Click link above to read more.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Congressional Bills for Public Financing

The long-awaited bills in Congress for public funding of Congressional candidates have been introduced. In the House, the bill is HR1826, sponsored by John B. Larson (D-Ct.) and 12 co-sponsors so far. In the Senate it is S752. Unlike past bills on this subject in Congress, the bills treats all candidates alike, regardless of party or independent status. However, write-in candidates may not qualify. House candidates qualify for public funding by raising at least 1,500 contributions from their district. The total raised privately must equal at least $50,000. Contributions between $5 and $100 count for this purpose. Thanks to IndependentPoliticalReport for news of the bills.

From Ballot Access News.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Singing Down the Walls April 5

Hi, friends, family and music lovers!

This Sunday, April 5, 3-5 pm, is the next round of Singing Down the Walls, our teaching sing-alongs at Bandido's Hideout Restaurant. This time it will be led by Leila Flores-Dueñas and Carol Vigil, Las flores del valle, who are not only way-dynamic and wonderful singers and performers, but great teachers and also happen to do terrific research on their work, so they can tell us all sorts of things about the songs we'll learn.

All songs in Spanish will be translated to English and vice versa. It's free, you can't beat that!Don't miss it! Tell your friends, bring your family!

Sunday, April 5, 3-5 pm
Bandido's Hideout Restaurant
2128 Central, SE

Please print it out and spread the word.

Dair Obenshain
Project DirectorSomos los otros ... and they are us!
(505) 934-2419 (cell)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speaking through Art

Art is a great way to let your thoughts be known. Some of us are good at speaking, some of us are good at writing, and some of us are good at expressing ourselves through forming our thoughts into visual pieces. I really admire artists, because I myself do not have the ability to express myself freely like that. My way of expression is through written words.

I also think it's a good way to engage young people. After all, we are a very visual generation. Not all of us have the patience to sit through a speech or read an article.

(Photo by: Jule_Berlin on

Cesar Chavez Event in Española

The Cesar Chavez Day Celebration in Española went very well. We held the event on the campus of Northern New Mexico college in Española, in the cafeteria, which allowed to reach many people who may not otherwise attend the event.

We had presentations by: Dr. Jose Griego, President of the college, did a brief welcome and spoke for a few minutes about Cesar's legacy and informed everyone that Northern is one of the few institutions in the country that is fully unionized.

Lang-time community activist Santiago Juarez, presented on keeping Cesar's legacy alive, and about his experience organizing with the UFW in the 1970's. And raising our expectations for ourselves and communities.

John Chavez, Santa Cruz Land Grant and New Mexico Lang Grant Council, spoke about the land rights movement in NM, and some of the legislation the Land Grant Council has helped get passed.

Long-time community organizer and activist Clarissa Duran presented about the life and legacy of Dolores Huerta, and carrying on her mission for justice, including her commitment for voter registration. and read poetry.

Dr. Hilario Romero, director of Equal Opportunity Office at Northern an past State Historian and Archivist, spoke about the importance of learning our history and passing it on to future generations. He also spoke of time he spent with Cesar during his final visit to Santa Fe before he died.

One of the founding members of Northern's Chicano Student Club and Hermano Angelo Sandoval presented about Cesar's life, achievement and vision for non-violence and a more just and fair society.

Maurice Segovia, Northern Staff presented about the Dream Act, educational opportunities for undocumented population and about the Union movement in Florida and the history of the boycott against Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Tessa Cordova performed music and spoke about the racist actions in Taos and the boycott against the Taos News (newspaper).Enrique "Syk Ryk" Martinez, front man of Gloryhorde Orchestra, and long-time event organizer and Poet from Española, performed poetry.Northern Student and poet Beat Tsosie-Pena performed poetry.

Northern graduate and community organizer Solisa Zamora performed poetry.Ortiz Middle School teacher Loretta Trujillo performed music and shared her poetry.

I spoke a little about La Raza Unida and passed out information sheets about the Party. We also collected signatures for the petition to make Cesar Chavez's birthday a federal holiday, and passed out information on immigration issues.

We had a good turnout, a good mix of community members, Northern students, faculty and staff. Even Chef Ron, the school's main chef shared a Juaquin Murrieta quote for the students. A lot of positive and cooperative energy and support.

Reported by Adan

Past Bernalillo County Elections

Past Election Results

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


IRV in LA.

Prayer Vigil

SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 7:00-9:00pm
Robinson Park (at downtown round-about)

Join us in circle and community to continue to celebrate the life of Amber A. Archibeque to acknowledge the circumstances that brought her precious life and the lives of so many women, to an abrupt end. We also celebrate the lives of Victoria Chavez, Michelle Valdez and her unborn baby, Cinnamon Elks, and Julie Nieto who were found on the Sacred Site/West Mesa Grave Site and the many other Women who are missing in Albuquerque.

We stand together to oppose the silence of violence against women, silence of sexual abuse, and the silence of addiction that feeds our pain and tears at our communities.

We come together in circle and community to restore hope, to amplify the voices of women, our struggles, and heal the current systems that perpetuate the cycles of poverty, addiction, sexual abuse, and violence in hope and action toward a better world for our children, families and communities.
Their loss is a perpetuation of the inattention and continued violence against women that WILL NOT GO UNVOICED!

For more info call: Family @ 249-6309. Young Women United @ 831-8930 . Kalpulli Izkalli @ 452-9208