Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Lessons

Well there was lots of glowing coverage of the Tea Party protests. The lesson learned is that there needs to be a counter balance to the extremist right wing. If the only people out in the streets are these tea baggers, then very possibly the Democratic party will continue its slide to the right in order to court votes.

This will lead to more things in Albuquerque like the public schools cheese sandwhiches. A short video is available on Good Morning America. Go here and if it is not on the front page search "School Lunch Shame." The tea baggers think that it is OK to give kids this "food" because their parents are having a hard time paying for lunch, it is OK to underpay educational assistants, and overpay administration!

May Day is coming - let's get a BIG turnout and show some real power!

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