Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More on School Board

Less than a week less. Go visit Lorenzo Garcia for School Board! And learn more about Lorenzo and how you can help.

* * *

David Peercy is running to represent the Northeast Heights. He seems to carry the values for the type of changes we need. You can download his brochure, or visit Peercy for APS to learn more.
Please read David's message:
I'm David Peercy, Candidate for the APS Board of Education in District #7 (basically North of Montgomery and East of I-25). I very much appreciate the La Raza Unida endorsement. Please vote in the upcoming election. See my website at for more personal information. I'd like to share the following YouTube presentation as a way to emphasize a commitment all of us need to make to our children's education. The additional text and discussion points are of potential interest as well... but, my main focus is the video. Enjoy!

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