Friday, February 27, 2009

Universal Healthcare Around the Corner?

Television pundits have been talking about Universal Health Care as if it is around the corner because of the President's speech this past week.

If you read Vicente Navarro and get an idea of the obstacles before previous attempts it is helpful in listening to current discussion.

Also important is to look at the deep causes of policy. We often talk about causes of illness, but where pollution, poverty, and illness is concentrated is directly related to politics (pdf). The unhealthy policies that we have today are a direct result of unhealthy politics. La Raza Unida is working to open up the political process and create the policies we need.

Politics has health outcomes. (pdf) And it is time to create a healthy politcis. It will be a steep climb at times, but nothing of value comes without hard work and without focused effort. As long as the road may be, we will be there!

Our numbers are growing. Register Raza Unida! (In Bernalillo County all you need to do is fill out your voter registration form and place "LRU" in box 5 for party.)

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