Thursday, July 9, 2009

Community Organizing - 07/09/09

Community Organizing - something that seems vague to many people. In essence it is work that comes from the sense that we care. We care about ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our larger communities. And that caring creates a sense of responsibility in us to do something about those we care about. It usually involves fighting those who make money or gain privilege from the suffering of others. And so we organize to build the strength to carry out our responsibilities for the people and places we care about.

Wellstone Action has one description of community organizing. Not all organizers are paid. Often paid organizers forget that and play out their own versions of privilege and can sometimes be patronizing.

Most organizers are respectful and responsive to community. Many are dedicated and work above and beyond what their paychecks cover.

In the end we need to build community power to counterbalance the corporate power that has been supported in our country, state, and county. That's why La Raza Unida is working hard for voter registration and community power building!

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