Friday, September 4, 2009

Health Care Time

Write to your elected officials and ask for real health care reform!

First - find out who your reps are

The send them an email and follow up with a phone call and/or letter.

In the SUBJECT line you should have something like, Keep Public Option request from Albuquerque/Bernalillo County (or wherever you are writing from)

Dear Senator (or Representative):

My name is ___. I am a constituent/NM resident who lives at _______.

I am writing as a constituent/NM resident to tell you my story and express the need for a strong Public Option. Until Congress is ready to implement a comprehensive Universal Health Care Policy it is vital to have a powerful public option.

[Insert a personal story here about you or someone you know who would benefit from being covered or having improved coverage.] 1-3 Paragraphs.

[CLOSING - asking something specific]
I am sending this email with the hope that you will take a strong stand for a public option now and powerful stand for Universal Health Care SOON. Please support public option and real health care reform now!

Thank You,

Your Name

Again, if you need to find out who is your representatives you can go here

There is some local work we need to do as well, but everyone having health coverage would make the lives of so many people better off that we need to put our two cents worth in for this as well. Personal letters will be posted to the blog if sent in.

Results from Candidate Forum:
At the August 29 Candidate Forum we were not collectively inspired by the turnout of candidates nor the presentations by candidates. We will each need to support whom we feel we need to at this point.

A great idea came from this. To develop our resume of a candidate we would support. Please send those in and they will get posted to the blog as quickly as possible.

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