Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Wellstone

They placed this as an Organizing Case Study - the Working Families Party.

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Cuauhtemoctlizin said...


I am in Northwest Ohio, near Toledo. We had an office here of La Raza Unida, howeber, it falterd. Today the people here are in dire need of an office, the Indigenous peoples of Mexico come here to work, but they are treated like slaves by their crew bosses, they are bot allowed to go shopping, if they go they walk I have picked up a family on the highway and took them to the store, they said their boss won't even give them a ride...That he (Boss) goes buy food at Aldis Foods and retails it for double the cost, so they (Migrants) don't have to go to the store...Local organizations don't get involved, ie; F.L.O.C.......They don't care or are afraid, also if a person doen't belong to the FLOC Union, there's np help...What do these Indians know about Unions?...