Saturday, October 8, 2011

10-08-11 Occupy reflection

Today was a great day of taking it to the banks. The march started off at UNM and went to Central and San Mateo. Along the way stopping at banks and even went into Wal-Mart. At one point the group took to the center of San Mateo and Central. Very exciting for the mobilization piece.

Lots of things happen that need to be processed and discussed.

Multi-party democracy is one part of all the things that need to be changed. Here are "left" parties you can register for in NM. When you get a voter registration form just fill in one of the three letter abbreviations in box 5.

La Raza Unida de Nuevo Mejico (LRU)
New Mexico Socialist Party (SNM)
New Party of New Mexico (PNM)
Peace and Freedom Party (PAF)
Socialist Labor Party (SLP)
Socialist Workers Party (SWP)
Worker's World Party (WWP)

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