Saturday, September 22, 2012

Healthism and Neoliberalism

Why has LRU decided to focus on healthy politics? Because of the pain, suffering, and death placed upon our families and communities from colonization, neocolonialism, genocide, and neoliberalism continues to fuel our passion for a healthy world.

Unfortunately many of our allies don't see that the "healthism" of today which makes our health a commodity by aligning our health goals with market goals like "take your medicine," "lose weight," "buy exercise equipment," etc. it makes us even more governable. This healthism comes from an unaccountable neoliberalism running our national and local governments.

The point of neoliberalism is to make us subjects to the market. Looking at the agenda of US major parties that is what both of them are presenting to us. The point of neoliberalism is to privatize our lives. Neoliberalism, the kind supported by the recently applauded former President Clinton, is what has destroyed the economy, environment, and lives of millions of people across the planet. The promises of neoliberals is prosperity for all and we have seen the terrible results.

This is why La Raza Unida is setting priorities for a healthy world. We are taking on our commitment to invest in the future of our communities and planet. Join with us in future conversations to come up with a plan of action. We will continue to write and promote a healthy world.

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