Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Universal Health Care? Not Yet (5/13/09)

Well on the Ed Shultz show yesterday there was talk about how Obama was holding hands with corporations to continue screwing the people out of Universal Health Care. It was depressing and looking at the news it seems accurate. And Congressman Kucinich has introduced a Universal Health Care bill!

Physicians for a National Health Plan have lots of information from a doctor's point of view. I think it is safe to say that Single Payer is off the table. Exclusion is normal in a society with corporate sponsored political parties. I like where the video shows the person talking about "pay to play." I think Vicente Navarro does a good job at pointing out "why this situation persists." He even talks about solutions. He talks about the nature of the problem in the US (pdf) and does something that is not mentioned in the media. He actually looks at life expectancy and infant death rates and looks to see if the health system of a country makes a difference.

Instead of sadly comical news about terrorist doctors like the US. I think the final note in this article says more than just fear mongering of particular news stations.

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