Saturday, December 11, 2010

Georgia Prisoners Continue Strike for Second Day

Georgia prisoners continue their strike. The strike is for basic rights in a state that does not pay for prison labor. It is important to note that prisoners of various backgrounds are working in solidarity within a system that uses racism to keep people divided.

And ironically the Georgia prison system chose to respond to a work stoppage by locking down the prison. When the imprisoned do not work they need to stay in their cells anyway. This seems like a cheap tactic for the benefit of the corporate media.

The prison system is showing its true colors by cutting out hot water and turning off the heat, even though the temperatures are in their 30s. According to Common Dreams, "Prisoners are demanding, in their own words, decent living conditions, adequate medical care and nutrition, educational and self-improvement opportunities, just parole decisions, just parole decisions, an end to cruel and unusual punishments, and better access to their families."

The Georgia Green Party is urging negotiations in order to resolve the situation. More solidarity is necessary to put pressure on the Georgia incarceration system.

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