Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Democrat Governors Urge Obama to Help the Poor

This is great! I think his idea of creating jobs and a bottom-up approach is a good idea. He wants to create a new stimulus package. He is still seems to be following the anti-common wealth ideas on taxes though.

Obama is sincere in looking for ways to help. He is also asking the American people to step up, so all of us should! We should share our vision! Hopefully enough people will echo that progressive taxes are a good thing as was stated during the campaign.

Without taxes we wouldn't have roads, public schools, or this internet we are using. Taxes is what we all pitch in to create a common wealth in order to support a common good. If there were no public schools businesses would have to do all of the training of their workers - now they get much of that without paying much. Giant corporations who move goods by rail or roads would need helicopters or wagons if it weren't for the public funding of roads - most of them don't pay much for that. If you've ever needed fire department or police department assistance hopefully you know that is part of our common good paid for by all of us. Business definitely relies on that support.

Hopefully Obama will create the jobs that create the taxes needed to help with the deficit. Jobs create income for the government so that we can have quality roads, quality schools, and hopefully quality health care. If health care costs are crushing businesses then the government has a moral obligation to assist businesses in keeping jobs available. Obama seems willing to let the rich stay off the hook in paying their fair share of taxes, so we'll need to organize and remind him that paying a fair share is a good American value.

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Aurea said...

If we pitched in a little more, and if the government used our money for public services rather than war, we could have a better health care system, a better education system, and so much more.