Friday, December 12, 2008

DEP Amber

Hello Familia:

There is a vigil tonight for Amber Archibeque at Robinson Park tonight, 5-7pm. Amber, 22 years old died too young. She died because she lived in a society with a cold and heartless system.

It's time for that to change. We need a revolution. A revolution of caring, responsibility and strength.

We need to create a politics of caring. Politics where we all pitch in because together we can create so much more than in isolation. Politics where everyone has value.

It is time for something new. For the last 30 years we've dealt with the cold and heartless politics. We need to create a future where there is sense of responsibility for all of us from all of us.

But we need strength to do that. Building a party that can present a vision for a solid vision is one way - building a strong Raza Unida; Community organizing is another; Running for office another. There is a crack in the wall and we need to push it over. Too many people are suffering while we wait around going after one issue at a time.

Taking over the whole thing is all that is left. Taking advantage of any little crack in the wall is key. Opening it up until it starts to crumble and we can have real freedom. This will take time and energy.

Greed, authoritarianism, and exclusion will be a thing of the past. We will look back and say "it was worth it." We will look forward and continue creating!

*DEP - Descanse en Paz (Rest in Peace)

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