Monday, December 15, 2008

La Raza Unida is... (12/15/08)

We're trying to describe La Raza Unida in a short and compelling manner. Please let us know if this works. Thank you for your comments!

La Raza Unida was borne from the Chicano movement. It came from a love for Chicanas and Chicanos. That's why the name La Raza Unida - The People United - was and is most appropriate for this party.

La Raza Unida has survived pressure and illegal attacks by the corporate-sponsored parties in power. La Raza Unida has survived unfair laws meant to discourage the freedom to participate in an open democracy. For many years we focused on community organizing, cultural, and youth work.

La Raza Unida was always open to everyone. From the beginning we knew that the obstacles in the way of Chicanas and Chicanos were in the way of others as well. We understand that we are all in the same boat together.

La Raza Unida has grown beyond the love for Chicanas and Chicanos and expanded to a deep caring and honoring of all life. With this caring comes responsibility. In order to act on that responsible caring requires strength. We gain our strength through solidarity, unity, and organizing.

La Raza Unida is now taking that strength to fight for freedom. We are fighting for freedom from discrimination; freedom from want; freedom to have a fulfilling life; and freedom to participate in a healthy democracy. We will fight to end the corporatocracy that says only the rich have a say and create real democracy open to all!

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