Monday, March 9, 2009


As the economy crashes, and as Warren Buffet says - "falls off the cliff", we are seeing a big crises and sense of tension around us. For a short version we need to have some general strategy to continue to move forward. I'll lay out a rough draft for comments and reflection here.

In the short term we need to promote, stand for, and applaud things that reduce suffering. From wage increases, creation of jobs, and support of families. We also need to push for more support for working people and the unemployed. We still need to push for better wages, better services, and better government. Opening up democracy and creating a culture of more participation is key right now.

There are plenty of organizing opportunities at this time. From democratic changes in politics - public financing, Instant Runoff Voting, same day voter registration, etc. to changes in health care availability, food systems, and transportation. Whether we voted for Obama or not we need to keep pushing him and all other elected officials right now. Even if we are developing independent models we need to push the elected officials because their decisions still have impacts on even our models "outside" of the system.

Mid-term - we'll need to be able to create alternatives, whether through "reforms" or dramatic changes. Alternatives to business, food, health and most of the rest of our daily lives. This can be hectic but also will be rewarding.

Capitalists may have lots of dollars, but they can get our loyalty and creativity only if we give it to them. Now is a great time to look at building and organizing all of our progressive organizations and projects. The Obama election opened a door for progressive and radical work. And the economy is providing a clearer need for that work!

As the saying goes - "Hasta La Victoria!"

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