Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Important Bills - Action Alert

Who to Call: Call House Judiciary Committee Chairman Al Park at (505) 986-4411 or email at

What to say:
HB 441 and HB 651 have been awaiting a hearing for over two weeks. These bills deserve a fair hearing and need to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Tips on Making a Call:
* Most legislators' staff answer their phones during the session and log all of the messages. The call will only take a minute!
* Be courteous, positive and brief.
* Identify yourself, and mention if you are a constituent.
* Ask Representative Al Park to schedule House Bill 651, the Felon Voting Rights Immediately

After Prison bill and House Bill 441, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, in House Judiciary Committee as soon as possible.

Talking Points on HB 651, the Felon Voting Rights Immediately After Prison Bill:
By focusing on the successful reintegration of people coming out of jail or prison and welcoming individuals back into our communities, we can facilitate the reentry process and contribute to the success of people with convictions.

When people with convictions are allowed to vote they feel connected to their larger community, making choices which affect themselves, their families, and their state.

Talking Points on HB 441, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act:
Our state is suffering from a serious fiscal crisis. Drug treatment will save New Mexico millions of dollars every year. House Bill 441 will offer substance abuse treatment in lieu of incarceration for people arrested for drug possession and drug-related probation and/or parole violations. Review detailed talking points on treatment instead of incarceration here.
Offenders need treatment.
This legislation will make communities safer.
We need to break the cycle of addiction.
Treatment will not be more expensive.
People will get treatment from appropriate community-based treatment services.

Al Park's district is bordered on the north by Menaul and the south by Gibson. On the west by San Mateo and Louisiana and the east by Wyoming.

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