Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anti-Bias Legislation

The Committee Substitute for HB 428, the bias-based profiling ban, is scheduled in House Judiciary Committee for tomorrow at 1:30PM or ½ hour after the House floor session ends in Room 309.

Please review the most recent draft of the legislation that has developed through negotiations with the district attorneys, the chief of the state police, the Attorney General’s office, and Representative Cote.

The main components of the legislation include:
1) Officially defining and banning bias-based profiling in New Mexico .
2) Requiring law enforcement agencies to:
a. develop policies and procedures to prohibit and prevent profiling
b. provide training to officers at least annually
c. develop complaint procedures, including submitting a copy of all complaints to the Attorney General
d. develop discipline procedures for officers who violate the act
3) Directing the Attorney General’s office to develop procedures for receiving complaints and investigating complaints.

Follow the link to the House Judiciary Committee and contact the members and ask for a DO PASS on banning profiling!

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