Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Proposal for Third Party Work

Much of this relates to the work of LRU. Moving to unity and beyond sectarianism will be a major move forward for democracy. A multi-party democracy is possible and will improve our lives by increasing our voices!

Here is an excerpt...
"We need an alliance culture that is about respectful listening, cooperation and the common good (“an injury to one is an injury to all”), as distinct from the currently-dominant culture’s individualism, power-seeking and greed. Indeed, today’s right-wing culture has evolved into a mean-spirited, dishonest and violence-producing approach to politics that is a dangerous and very real threat to our common survival and progress. To the extent that we model a very different way of standing up for our beliefs in an organized way, to that extent will we win over large numbers of people and, over time, expose and isolate the ultra-rightists."

And here is a list of common demands that the author proposes, most of which are on the LRU platform:

*Debates that include all candidates,
*Proportional representation,
*Instant runoff voting,
*Campaign finance reforms,
*Tamper-proof and open-software computer voting machines,
*Abolishment of ‘corporate personhood,’
and Repeal of restrictive ballot access laws.

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