Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome Home By Rusita Avila

I am from Albuquerque. I went away to school at 18 years old and gained my voice. I was extremely involved in student movements while at Brown University in Providence, RI. I developed more as a community organizer and was ready to fight all injustices every place they showed their ugly faces. I returned to Albuquerque in 1994 to find a void. I found my home with LRU.

I quickly got involved in LRU as a supporter and helped with the youth organizing. For a long time I was a “Democrat supporting LRU”. It took awhile to overcome the fear to commit to LRU as my political party.

I changed my party affiliation to LRU because of the party platform of supporting all people’s struggles and fighting against all injustices. LRU is inclusive and welcomes everyone. It’s important to me that it is family friendly, gay/lesbian/bisexual friendly, and puts at the forefront workers' rights. A living wage is the only way people can live.

I also like saying that I’m “La Raza Unida” whenever someone tries to get me sign up to vote or lobby a candidate or issue. It’s still in style!

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